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FlyCar Fantasy – Game Preview

Players can experience the dream of flying with cars around city, narrow alley, open sky, underpass, port areas, town, cyberlanes  and many more with our brand new ‘FlyCar Fantasy’ game.

Create user to save your achievement from the trophy icon button at the bottom left corner of levels screen. Climb up the leaderboard completing extreme levels. Badges are given to players completing certain points. 

Choose your flying vehicle and go for the levels. Each level has unique objective displayed at the bottom of the screen. Follow the objective and complete the levels. Flycar got  36 levels with 4 tiers – Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme. 


1. Novice 2. Pro 3. Master 4. Champion 5. Legend 6. Magical 7. FlycarPro 8.FlycarKing

Ultimate badge given is FlycarKing which can be achieved after completing some extreme levels.


Each level completion gives the player points based on gold tokens collected, toll gates passed and time duration. Player with highest point all over the world gets  the victory flag.


Victory flag owner’s name is written in gold inside that level. That level will have the players name and his/her location(optional location/ fantasy location) on the boards over the building or sky.


When the level is opened, player get to see the car flying in the sky. 

Player can use two types of controls:


– Follow the training level properly to master your touch control. 

– Drag your thumb around to guide your flying car. 

– Dragging up takes the car up.

– Dragging down takes the car down.

– Similarly, dragging left takes left and dragging right takes the car right.


#1.  Drag and Hold your thumb to get more steering.

#2. Use both thumbs. Alternate your thumbs to master your touch control.

2. TILT CONTROL(Can be changed from settings / on the fly from left sliding panel from the game screen)

– Calibrate accelerometer to your comfortable position

– Tilt your phone up to move the car up.

– Tilt your phone down to move the car down

– Similarly, tilt your phone left to move left and tilt towards right to move right.


– Accelerometer pedal 

– Brake

– Radar (to locate toll gates)

– Speedometer (Speed, Distance & Time)

– Switch Control (Touch / Tilt on the fly)

Earn bonus golds completing each level and shop the best flying car comparing Max Speed, Min Speed, Damage and Handling.


– Arrow keeps moving inside the circle when the flycar is moving.

– Arrow becomes GREEN  when next toll is on the straight direction (i.e. when the car in flying straight towards that toll)

– Arrow changes color and moves away when next toll is not ahead.

– Practice with arrow to get used to with radar before going to complete some extreme levels.


– Follow the game objective at the bottom of the game screen

– Buy the cars whenever necessary

– Some levels require high speed cars to complete the level

– Sometimes low speed cars are required to level

– Choose your control based on the levels

– Sometimes touch control is best suited sometimes tilt control is best suited

– Colliding with pole wires and ground can cause fire effect when collided for long . (How long is based on damage property of cars)


1. Youtube for GamePlay videos 

2. Facebook/Instagram/Twitter for getting latest updates 

– FACEBOOK: facebook.com/flycarfantasy

– INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/flycarfantasy

– TWITTER: twitter.com/flycarfantasy

– YOUTUBE: youtube.com/flycarfantasy

– WEBSITE: https://shrigsolutions.com/


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